Who We Are

Leveling Up Our Community’s Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

GreenKey was created as a solution to the rapidly growing electric vehicle market and the need for a specialized full-service provider to install and service EV chargers for our local communities.

With massive financial investments in the advancement of EVs from both government and automotive manufacturers, the establishment of a reliable charging infrastructure has become a necessity. 

We are committed to helping establish that infrastructure needed and becoming a servicing agent to the rapidly growing EV community.

We plan to expand to different communities in different states, providing specialized installation and maintenance services for America’s newest transportation option.

At GreenKey, we believe that with our Christian-based business model, our passion for serving our customers and communities, and our plan to grow the business nationwide, we will be put in the position to accomplish our company vision.

Our Vision:

At GreenKey, we install and service everything needed to power electric vehicles of all kinds.

We do this while making our customers and communities our highest priority.

Our goal is that when people think about vehicle charging, they think of us.

Meet Our Executive Team

Jon Allen

President and CEO

Jon has over 20 years of experience in electrical power generation, construction, and project management. He left a career in nuclear energy in 2022 to establish GreenKey as the missing piece to the rapid growth of the EV charging infrastructure.

sherri allen

Vice-President and CFO

Sherri has worked in the fields of banking, finance, and investments for over 15 years. Her specialty in investments and wealth management combined with her background in banking and finance positioned her perfectly to guide GreenKey’s financial future.

luke allen

Director of Sales & Marketing

Luke has backgrounds in both federal contracts and healthcare. With over 10 years of experience in the healthcare service industry and best practice implementation, Luke will oversee efforts to identify and connect with customers and to expand the markets we serve.

Power Your Future With GreenKey

We are a licensed and insured Class A Electrical Contractor company that has over 70 years of experience in residential and commercial electrical work. We are also licensed to handle all EV charging equipment. 

So whether you’re an electric vehicle owner seeking a faster charge at home or a business owner who wants to improve sustainability, we are committed to providing the best solution for all of your EV charging needs.

GreenKey stands by any warranties offered for our installed equipment. We will not compromise on the quality of our work, or the materials used. 

Installing and servicing high-performing electric car chargers for your home or commercial property.

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